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We make design! Beautiful exclusive vinyl stickers for You.

Decorate your home, car or whatever you wish in the blink of an eye!

     Our small company was established in Germany in 2016. Of course, if you have landed on this page looking for official information, like our current legal registration or contact details, we would recommend you to check out our Legal notice and if you just have some questions we kindly advise you to check our FAQ or simply send us a message, but if you want to know more about us, than that's the right place!

     We are a family company and we started together with my little son, who was so small at that time, that he could barely talk, but now he even takes part in designing the stickers. This cute ducks sticker set, for example, was absolutely his idea! And i am very proud of him. like every Mom would be, i guess! :-)

     I know i should, probably, write here something more standard, typical or even arrogant, like "we are the best designers of stickers" or "we are a solid growing business", or even worse start throwing the numbers of clients we have, the number of employees, the total value of the company. But if you are still reading this, maybe it is a good idea just to get acquainted and to say a few words about us - Wittom.in. Like when you visit a real small flower shop beside the corner or your favourite cafe, you get to see the owner or even exchange a couple of words with him or her. Why not to do it online!?

     So if you want to know about the company, the best and easiest way is to know the owner, to understand how the company works. And that would be me! With the higher legal education, deep love to design, languages, travelling, computers and programming, and a good taste (my Mom says so :-)) i came up with the idea to try to combine those passions and that is when our Wittomin has began. Actually it all began much before 2016, but preparing designs, finding reliable partners, freelancers and high-quality printing, checking the market, making research and finding possibilities took some time, if you understand what i mean.

     By now, all the stickers that you can see in our online-shop and the shop itself were designed exclusively by me with the inspiration from my son, of course. Sometimes it takes lots of time to think of a new design for a sticker set, but i am doing my best. And i am very happy and grateful to my returning customers above all! Thank you, guys! When i see you back in my shop, i always feel rewarded for my efforts.

     As we did not have our own Online-shop at first and we started working on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon, we still have a lot of work to do to improve. And what we need now is more feedback from you on Google. So, we will be very gratefull, if after you place your order in our shop you would agree to Google's pop-up with a proposal to provide your feedback for us. Or if you already have ordered stickers from us in our Shop on eBay or on Amazon, than, you could rate our service directly on Google My Business - Wittomin Page.

     Developing the company lets me apply all the knowledge that i have in different fields and, the last, but not least, it lets me travel as well. I love my work and i hope you will enjoy my designs and the quality of the stickers.

     As a business owner i try to devote maximum of my time to my work and solve many tasks personally or at least regularly check the performance, so if there are any questions, you are most welcome to contact us! We do care about our company and it would not exist without the clients, so we are here and we are ready to listen to You.

     We are working now on adding new services to our shop and setting up a new information page, where we will be posting, hopefully, usefull articles for you about our work, decoration of your home, etc. So it would be great if we could keep in touch!

     I hope that was not too long... :-) Thank you for reading!